Steps On How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Router

With all the way to your Dish Network Receiver to the Internet, such as connecting to a wireless game adapter from 2Wire. I’ll use the 2Wire wireless adapter of 1,022 AT & T Homezone receiver on a 612 Vip.

Once you have changed the network configuration in your DD-WRT modded router, disconnect the router and then reconnect it to so you just have your new IP address. Your new IP address must be somewhere in the network. Now, open a Web browser in the direction of, which is now the default gateway to the router WRT54GS DD-WRT modded.

To disable SSID broadcast from the web interface for you to disable wireless router security and SSID broadcast to go and apply. The router will restart.

This address is preset in the production plant, but it is not the last. You can very easily change to any desired address by opening the console of the router network administrator. This address will be used in many households, to establish an Internet connection to the standard Internet gateway. IP addresses that have been assigned has a very good property. These addresses can be used any number of times, but in different networks. If a similar network exists on the same private IP address, then the IP address conflict will indicate and impede the functioning of the Internet.

Is IP-classes A, B and C. computer networks with many hosts are part of the class A. The initial network byte used to identify the ID. The first bit of which is set to zero and the next 7 bits are set to one. Class B, on the other hand, is important for categorizing networks that are of medium to large size. It uses first and second byte for the network ID, as much as 16,384 networks. Class C to computer networks that use small first, second and third bytes.

At the bottom right corner of the laptop there is the Internet connection icon next to the speaker icon. When I after mouse over the icon, it was an old name of the Internet connection. It was therefore necessary in order to connect the router to change settings. This was achieved by typing into your browser window.

Is After the reinstallation finishes, you can configure the security features; remember that it set itself a task that you have to yourself. As always the case when dealing with routers, make sure that the instructions to follow step by step.

The problem is that foreigners will not be able to access the router on the Internet can, however, without additional protection, be intruders can monitor and sniff out information you send and receive on your network. Malicious intruders can even hop on your internal network; Access to your hard drives; and steal, edit or delete files on your computer.

NIC – Network interface cards are necessary for you PC. Again, you have the option of a card or 10/100 10/100 / 1000Gbps speed. Again, it depends on your needs and budget. One end of the network cable will connect to the network card in your computer and go through the other end. Note: – Most computers today come with network card, so you do not really need to buy network card, if you already have one on the motherboard of the computer.

You can easily access the IP address, just typing in your web browser and press Enter. This action takes you to the site to take Before making any changes to your system settings, it is best to make a backup of the system settings so that you know how to restore the settings in case of an error during processing.